Sunday, August 10, 2014

Attempt # 3382871...

Ever have one of those nights? You know... those nights.

I had a jerk of a time (meh, I was going for hell, but auto correct felt "jerk" was more appropriate) with my mani last night and ended up with something so simple. Grrr...

Figured I'd give a new nail shape a try. My corners kept breaking since they have been square. Hopefully this shape will help lessen those breaks. You see that middle finger?!? Yeah, I'm talkin to you.

 So I really wanted to use my gray jelly, but I couldn't figure out what to pair it with. Took me forever but I decided to do neon pink with stamping on top. I pulled out all my tools before starting.

L-R: MoYou London stamping FairyTale plate 06, OPI Nail Envy, Essence Grey-t to be Here, OPI Pirouette My Whistle, OPI My Pointe Exactly, Orly Beach Cruiser, Seche Vite
I started out with just one coat of Nail Envy instead of the two I usually do. I thought My Pointe Exactly would be a bit too sheer, so I put a base of Essence down first. Then one coat of Pirouette my Whistle, which was surprisingly easy to work with. Then one coat My Pointe Exactly, another coat of Pirouette My Whistle, and another of My Pointe Exactly, and topped with Seche Vite.

Now for my poor stamping nails. Started with one coat of Nail Envy, three coats Orly Beach Cruiser, one coat of Seche Vite. I took a pic in case I screwed them up. Which I did, lol. 

I did not take pics of my horrible stamping attempts, but here's a shot of my workstation, some fails included.

I was so very frustrated. Rather than take the polish off those nails, I had the bright idea of swiping just the stamping off the topcoat. I had to put another two coats of polish on those poor nails.  Lesson learned: Just take all the polish off! Finally I just settled for a simple design, stamped in Color Club Silver Lake using MoYou FairyTale plate 06.

End result:

I'm less than thrilled. Lol. They'll probably come off tomorrow. On the plus side, My Pointe Exactly was a dream to work with!

So, thoughts on my new nail shape? What shape works best for you?


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    1. Thanks!! I'm kind of digging it myself. I'll be thrilled when they are all the same length!



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