Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MoYou London Stamping Challenge - Day 1: Red

Hello Polish Lovelies!

MoYou London just announced a Rainbow Contest.  I decided to try to participate in the challenge for each day.

So the challenge for Day 1 is Red.  The point is to take inspiration from each color and use MoYou London stamping plates to create a unique mani.  My inspiration from the color Red was REBELLION!

I used my untried MoYou London Punk stamping plate 04 for the patterns in this mani.  Since I was limited on time, I figured a negative space mani was the way to go.  Why?  Because I do what I want!  Rebel!  ;-)

MoYou London Punk Collection plate 04

I started out with the stamping.  I figured that would be the easiest way to go without messing up the polish on my other nails.  I used Zoya Sooki and Color Club Beyond for the stamps.  I am thrilled with how well Zoya Sooki stamps.  I truly love this red.

Stamping with Zoya Sooki and Color Club Beyond

Hold the bandaids!  It's just polish...  :-p

Just for shiggles, here's what my lint roller looked like
after this mani!

I also pulled out my Zoya Blaze, which is another untried polish of mine.  It is such a stunner in the sun!  This is also a OCW!!!  (one coat wonder)  This is one coat on my pinky finger.  Actually, I only used one coat of all these polishes.  Bonus points!

Hehe, please ignore my foot and shower curtain
photo bombs... I really should have cropped this, lol.

The studs are from a kit I picked up on clearance somewhere.  I figured they were the perfect finishing touch on this mani.

My phone was almost dead last night when I was photographing this mani, so I got a flash shot this morning instead.  It still doesn't do this mani justice.

And just so you can see the detail on my thumb, here's a solo shot.  I had to play with the filters a bit to get it to show, but I love the subtlety of it.

Skull and safety pin crossbones

I can't wait to see the winners of this MoYou London contest!!  I see so many stunning manis that come out of their comps!  I usually end up following a few more ladies on IG because of it.

What's your favorite MoYou London stamping plate/image?

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