Monday, August 25, 2014

Splatter Mani

I've been a bit behind in posting these!  Today I bring you my Splatter Mani.

splatter nail art
Splatter Mani

I knew this mani would be messy.  I was surprised that it wasn't as messy as I initially thought it would be.  Here was my setup on our bathroom floor (I cannot wait to have my mani station when we remodel our master bath!).  The UFO you see was definitely a helper in the execution of this mani.  It's much easier to splatter polish without inhibition.  Insert alcohol.  =)

OPI Nail Envy, OPI My Vampire is Buff, Orly Hot Shot, Essie Licorice,
Zoya Lux, HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures while I was working on my splatters.  I even perched my phone on the tub ledge next to me so I could easily grab it and snap a few pics.  Damn you, alcohol, for making me focus so much on this mani that I forgot to take pics!!  
Errr.... something like that.

I only used two (well, three if you count my base color I used to fix a splat...) colors for the splatters.  I found it was more manageable this way.  For the splatter effect I used a coffee stirrer that I cut in half.  I've been meaning to do this mani for ages now, so yeah, I've had that stirrer in my kit for a good 9 months now, lol.

This was a learning experience for sure.  I found it was easier to dip the straw in a puddle of polish, then blow in a short, forceful breath.  I made like a "Kah" sound when forcing the air through the straw.  It just helped me get the air out in a short burst and splattered the polish better.  The first two nails I did worked great!  See below!

Then I moved on to my second two nails, and well, splat.  Splat that fucker right in it's eye on my ring finger.  Lol.  Not to worry though!  I dabbed it a bit, then painted a bit of base color on, then went, uh, I'll just splatter on top of it with my base color!  Eh, it worked for me.

So I started out with a skittlette mani, but I was not happy about that black nail.  I thought the Orly would pop over black; unfortunately it did quite the opposite, it kind of got lost.  So I went over the dots twice and still wasn't happy.

So off it came!  I just went with the neon coral as the base and matched my thumb.

Much better!  Besides, I love me some dotticures.

splatter nail art
Splatter Nail Art

Do you have any experience with Splatter Manis?  Please share!

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