Saturday, August 16, 2014

Zoya Remy Swatch

Here's another stunner from Zoya's 2014 Ignite collection: Zoya Remy!

Zoya Remy swatch from the 2014 Ignite collection

Zoya Remy is easily my favorite in the entire collection, and quite possibly in my entire collection! It went on smoothly, self leveled, good with one coat but two is better...

Zoya Remy swatch shimmer in artificial light

It did take a lot to get this polish off, but that could be because it was the last of my swatches and I was two glasses of red wine deep. Lol

Zoya Remy with flash

First two fingers have one coat of Zoya Remy, second two have two, no top coat. These all dried pretty quickly too, I was impressed.

Zoya Remy in full artificial light
Zoya Remy swatch

I am thrilled with all of these polishes in this collection. I am super excited for fall, which never happens! 

Have you picked up any of the polishes in this collection? What's your favorite?



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