Friday, August 8, 2014

Zoya Sansa and Remy


I don't think I could be more excited.

So Happy!

I entered my local Ulta not very hopeful.  I tried yesterday and was told they just got a truck in but there were way too many cases in the back to sort through.  So I was told to try again today.

And so I did.  Apprehensively, I approached the front counter and was asked if I needed help.  I explained that Zoya had a brand spankin' new collection and I wasn't even sure when it was set to release, but that a nail buddy (*coughROXYcough*) came upon these treasures at her Ulta in the past few days, so I hoped upon hope that they may be in the back.  I gave the clerk two specific names.  I got a promise that she would scour the backroom for them.

Meanwhile, the clerk at the front said, does that polish have anything to do with...... um, that one show?  My response was of course you dimwit, what else would it be from?

I keed, I keed.  I told her yes, that it was indeed for Game of Thrones and it was part of the new Entice and Ignite collection.  She said, oh, I may have to get it!  That's it, spreading the polish addiction disease one innocent victim at a time.

Evil Smile

Alas!  The other clerk came back carrying a case with Zoya marked on the side!  She slowly opened the case, pawed through the box, and came out holding these two gorgeous, fantastic, works of art!


Zoya Sansa in sunlight
Zoya Sansa brush shot
Zoya Remy in sunlight

Zoya Remy brush shot

According to the clerk, the collection isn't set to release until this Sunday, so you can understand my excitement at the fact that not only did she go root for these beauts, she also let me buy them!  I can't wait to put this gorgeousness on my fingernails!

What do you think of these?  Will you be looking for the rest of the Zoya Entice and Ignite collection?


  1. Beautiful! I haven't seen anything about this collection!!!

    1. I know, right?!? I'm so excited about the new Ignite collection. Currently pining for Yuna, it's a beautiful blue-grey with bold gold shimmer. I believe it was supposed to release today.



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