Wednesday, September 3, 2014

MoYou London Stamping Contest - Day 4: Green

For Day 4: Green of the MoYou London Rainbow Contest, I was inspired to do Mermaid Tears.

I used a stunning duochrome by Nicole by OPI called Mermaid For Each Other as my base color.  Other colors used were SH Salon Perfect 3,2,1derland glitter and Essie Penny Talk.  I used one coat of OPI Nail Envy for my base coat and topped it all with HK Girl Glisten & Glow quick dry topcoat.

L-R: OPI Nail Envy, NOPI Mermaid for Each Other, SH 3,2,1derland,
Essie Penny Talk, HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat

Here is two coats of Mermaid for Each Other, no topcoat.  I tried to catch the beauty of the duochrome but couldn't get a great shot.  You can see the gold undertone of this polish in the first pic though.

Nicole by OPI Mermaid for Each Other

NOPI Mermaid for Each Other swatch

Next I dabbed on some SH 3,2,1derland glitter on half of my ring and middle fingers.  I was hoping for a bit more glitter and a bit less bump, but I had something in mind that didn't quite work out.

Another lesson learned: you shouldn't stamp over chunky glitter.  Got it.

Stamped with Essie Penny Talk using Sailor plate 05

I stamped the image from my MoYou London Sailor 05 plate using Essie Penny Talk.  I thought it could use a gem to complete my Mermaid Tears mani.  

I figured it would be okay, that it wouldn't look too bad if you didn't look too closely...  Until I looked at my ring finger on my right hand... Lol, there's a reason that didn't get posted to IG, even though I liked the gem better on this hand.  Oops.

Thank you for viewing my blog and reading my entries!  I appreciate you being here!  Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions, I check in from time to time and I will respond!  =)

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