Friday, September 5, 2014

MoYou London Stamping Contest - Day 6: Purple

This was my absolute favorite mani to do.  It was also my favorite result.  I was so sad to take it off after only one day!  I was inspired to do something "Regal" with my nails for purple day.

Stamping with MoYou London Pro XL 10 plate

I had actually had this mani planned as soon as I found out about the MoYou London contest.  It took less than 15 seconds to pull out the polishes to do it.  That's seriously a record for me!

Color Club Eternal Beauty, Color Club Over the Moon,
Essie Licorice

I really need more practice with gradients.  I didn't work too much with this one because I knew it would be masked by the stamping on top.  I started with a coat of Color Club Over the Moon and then used a damp makeup sponge to do the gradient.  There are two coats of polish on each of my other nails.

Gradient with Color Club Over the Moon and Eternal Beauty

I used my MoYou London Pro XL 10 plate and Essie Licorice for the stamps on my nails.  Basic, easy stamping here.  This mani was also inspired by Carmen (IG@ineedamani and you can find her blog here).  She had done a similar mani that I thought was amazingly beautiful.  I don't believe it's on her blog but you can find it on her IG.

And here's the finished result!  I added a clear rectangular gem to my index and pinky fingers to add to my "Regal" effect.

I couldn't resist taking a few flash shots to show the gorgeous linear holo in the Color Club polishes.

Holo effect with flash

Holo effect with flash

What's your favorite holographic nail polish?  Are you an indie girl or a mainstream polish lover?


  1. Love this and love you for being inspired by me! Holos are so ridiculously pretty.

    1. Thank you!! <3 Love you too! And yes, yes they are, and CC holos are so easy to work with!



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