Sunday, October 26, 2014

Horror Movie Character - BHB Spooktober Challenge Mani: Day 24

I have been planning for a while what I was going to do for the Horror Movie Character prompt of BHBSpooktober.  It was my friend's idea.  Her favorite holiday is Halloween, and her favorite Halloween horror movie is Trick 'r Treat.  So I give you Sam.  More pics and info after the jump, just click on the "Read More" link below.

BHBSpooktober Horror Movie Character Mani (Sam from Trick 'r Treat)

Bats/Full Moon Mani - BHB Spooktober Challenge: Day 20

Meh, I thought my last post was going to be pic heavy.  Brace yourselves, spam is coming.

...Nope.  Not that kind of spam.  ;-)

Full Moon and Bats mani for BHBSpooktober

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Candy Corn Mani - BHB Spooktober Challenge: Day 17

Heads up.
This post is going to have a lot of pics.  =)

Day 17 was a Candy Corn inspired mani.  I was terribly uninspired by this prompt, only because I didn't want to go with tried and true, or unoriginal.  I like how these turned out, quirky as they seem.  More pics, including my inspiration, after the jump.  Click the "Read More" link below.

Mama Halloween Mani

I have a quick, fun post for you.  I did my mom's nails for Halloween.  She really liked my pebble ghosts, so that's what she wanted.  I was happy to oblige.  =)

I used Sinful Colors Courtney Orange (which I just realized I had in my collection after drooling over everyone else that has been using it!!  It's the perfect Halloween orange!) and Essie For the Twill Of It as the base colors.

I used Essie Marshmallow for the pebble ghosts and Essie Licorice for the eyes and mouths.  To do the ghosts, I put one thin coat of For the Twill Of It on, let it dry.  Then I put a thick coat on and immediately dripped dots of Essie Marshmallow on top.  Love how they turned out!!

Then Mama wanted black cats stamped on her thumbs.  I wasn't thrilled with the quality I got with the first stamp (the one on the left) using my Cici&Sisi stamper, so I pulled out my XL BPS squishy stamper and shrank the image.  It was my first time shrinking an image!  He looks so funny with his skinny little cat legs.  x-D

Color Club The Uptown with lace accent

I dipped into my untried polishes for this mani.  I wanted to take a quick Halloween mani breather before delving into my next one.  More pics and info after the jump, just click the "Read More" link below!

Zoya Matte Velvet Collection

Nail Mail Alert!

I was waiting on pins and needles for these highly coveted beauties!  I ordered the entire (oops....) Zoya Matte Velvet collection and added Zoya Dahlia to my cart to get the three free polishes gift!

Zoya Matte Velvet Collection and others
 Above you can see L-R: Zoya Loredena, Zoya Veruschka, Zoya Harlow (swoon!), Zoya Posh, Zoya Dahlia, Zoya Caprice, Zoya Kierra, and Zoya Anthea.  Zoya Dovima and Savita are not pictured but were also a part of this order.

Is it just me, or does Caprice look exactly like Zoya Dawn...??  I'll edit and post a comparison pic.  But *happy dance* that I received no dupes!  (well, not really, if we are going by

Soooo... this order came with Posh for free and Zoya's Matte Velvet red lipstick, which I of course had to try out.  Brace yourselves, Dancer is coming.  Errrr... umm... not.  like.  that.

Zoya Matte Velvet red lipstick
I'm not quite sold on such a bold red on my lips.  I mean, I don't even wear lipstick.  This was, however, quite pleasant on the lips.  Not invasive (if a lipstick can be invasive... in my opinion, they usually are, lol) at all.

Skeptical Dancer is skeptical about this red on me
I'm still skeptical.  Lol

Black Cats Mani - BHB Spooktober Challenge: Day 13

I am sorry, I am so behind in updating my blog.  Here are my black cat mani nails for the BHBSpooktober Challenge.  More pics and info after the jump.  Just click on that "Read More" link down below.

BHB Spooktober Day 13 Black Cat mani

Blood and Guts - BHB Spooktober Mani Challenge: Day 10

I was so excited to use China Glaze's new Halloween collection, so I used them for my Blood and Guts inspired mani for BHBSpooktober Day 10!

Zombie inspired blood and guts mani

Friday, October 17, 2014

China Glaze Apocalypse of Color 2014 Halloween Collection

I got some exciting nail mail!!!  An awesome nail friend of mine bought this collection online and shipped all six polishes in the set to me!  Sorry, I have no real swatches, but I am planning to use them in my upcoming Halloween manis.  Here are bottle shots of the China Glaze 2014 Halloween collection:

L-R: Don't Let the Dead Bite, I Love Your Guts, But Of Corpse, Getting to Gnaw You, Rest in Pieces, Ghoulish Glow

China Glaze But of Corpse

But of Corpse is a great shimmery green with black microglitter that dries to a matte finish.

China Glaze Don't Let the Dead Bite

 Don't Let the Dead Bite has awesome glitter bomb containing large, medium, and small red hex glitter, red micro glitter, and some red bar glitter in a milky-whitish jelly base.  When layered, it looks like pus or flesh with blood in it.  OMG it's a fantastic Halloween polish!

China Glaze Getting to Gnaw You

Getting to Gnaw You is small copper glitter with microglitter in a black jelly base.  Gorgeous fall polish!

China Glaze I Love Your Guts

I Love Your Guts is similar to But of Corpse, but it's a red base.  It also dries to a matte finish.

China Glaze Rest in Pieces

And my favorite so far in this collection, Rest in Pieces.  This glitter bomb has it all!  Holo glitter, microglitter, matte black hex glitter, bar glitter, etc etc etc.  all in a clear base.  Other than the fact that my bottle is goopy (there's also polish on the neck, so I bet it hasn't been properly closed for a while... thinking I need to add some thinner to this), I am so excited to use this, like, all the time.  

China Glaze Rest in Pieces
Look at that holo!  *wolf whistle*  Blurry pic to show the beauty.

Hopefully I'll have some pics of the actual polish on my nails soon!  What's your favorite in this collection?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BHB Spooktober Mani Challenge: Day 6 - Skeletons/Ghosts

Halloween is all about the blues, I mean, boos, right?!?

So I have my Day 6 challenge for #BHBSpooktober: Skeletons and Ghosts
More info and pics (warning: pic heavy post!) after the jump!

BHB Spooktober Mani Challenge: Day 3 - Leaves/Trees

Yay for October Mani Challenges!!  And one that is created by fellow nail friends, how exciting!

Get ready for #BHBSpooktober Mani Goodness!!  Got an IG?  Hop on the BHB Challenge Wagon and post your manis!  Don't forget to hashtag #bhbSpooktober so we can see them!
More info and pics after the jump.

IG Nail Challenge: BHB Spooktober

CICI&SISI Plates Set 1

WOOOOOOOOO!!!!  Nail Mail!!!

Quick and short post for you regarding stamping plates.  Since I broke up with my Bundle Monster plates ("BM" plates for a reason...), I needed some new stamping love in my life.  And boy did I find it!  I also purchased Butter London Scouse, which was an Amazon add-on item for $3 (!!) at the time.

CICI&SISI Stamping Plates and Butter London Scouse

I ordered the CICI&SISI Set 1 stamping plates (image from Amazon shown below)!  They came with a metal scraper (just throw that shit away, it's useless) and a little squishy firm stamper.  Well worth the $30 I spent on them!

CICI&SISI Plates Set 1 - Image pulled from Amazon

I was skeptical at first at how small the stamper was.  I thought for sure it wouldn't fit my nail.  I was surprised that it fits all but my thumb.  I lightly primed it with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  I have yet to try my XL squishy stamper on these plates, but I'm certain it will work well.  The only thing I'm concerned about is picking up the large images in the two center rows without picking up pieces of surrounding images.  Meh, practice makes perfect, right?

Anyway, my neighbor was actually over that night hanging out with my other half, and he had a really rough day.  A good friend of his passed away from cancer (fuck you, cancer...) and he was pretty torn up about it.  Grief mixed with alcohol is not a good thing.  Grief mixed with polish and nail art?  Good for the soul, I tell ya.

He asked me to paint four of his nails black and stamp over them.  So I did.  ;-)

Oh yeah, they glowed in the dark too....  Muahahahaha.

So I'll play around a little more with my CICI&SISI plates and share my results!  Have a great day!

Sinful Shine Prosecco Swatch and First Fall Mani of 2014

I first heard about the pretty, neutral polish that is Sinful Shine Prosecco.  It is a nice light taupe with gold microshimmer but can be seen as greige in some lights.  I have no Walgreen's close by me, so I actually had a nail friend that picked this up and shipped it to me.  Shout out to Heidi! (@crooked_mani on IG)
More info and pics after the jump!

Sinful Shine Prosecco

Girls Day Manis - September

So two of my friends had this great idea to get together for Girls' Day, which consists of manis and wine.  Lots and lots of wine.  This is the second time we've done this, but I decided to save you from the first round of cocknails we had...  You're welcome.  ;-)

Yep... that about sums up our Girls' Days...  More info and nail pics after the jump!

OPI Muir Muir Mani with Nail Art

So here is that gorgeous OPI Muir Muir on the Wall polish that I got on clearance at Ulta with some nail stamping over it.  You can find my swatches of Muir Muir here.  More info and pics after the jump.

OPI Muir Muir with Essie metallics stamped over it

OPI Muir Muir Swatches

I could not be more excited for this polish!  I picked it up on clearance at Ulta for $2.39...  that's all!  More info and pics after the jump.

OPI Muir Muir on the Wall

Fresh Paint Honeydew - Green Mani for Women in Leadership Conference

I'm sorry I've been so behind in posting on my blog!  Time has been hard to come by lately.  Anyway, I have eight (yes, EIGHT!) manis for you today (hopefully)!!  Let's start with my mani for a Women in Leadership Conference I attended in September. More info and pics after the jump.

Green Mani for Women in Leadership Conference


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