Saturday, October 25, 2014

Black Cats Mani - BHB Spooktober Challenge: Day 13

I am sorry, I am so behind in updating my blog.  Here are my black cat mani nails for the BHBSpooktober Challenge.  More pics and info after the jump.  Just click on that "Read More" link down below.

BHB Spooktober Day 13 Black Cat mani

This mani didn't start out so hot, as you can see here.  My brush was not put together very well on my Bonita Wicked Good Time bottle.  The actual brush was also splayed out and hard to work with.  But the color is awesome!!
Come on, Bonita!!  At least make sure your brushes are put together!

 Here is two coats of Bonita Wicked Good Time and Zoya Savita Matte Velvet polish.  By the way, the Zoya Matte Velvets are gorgeously stunning!!!  This below has no topcoat.

Bonita Wicked Good Time and Zoya Savita, 2 coats no topcoat

 I used my Cici&Sisi plate 03 and MoYou London Punk plate 04 for my stamping on this mani.

MoYou London Punk plate 04 and CICI&SISI plate 03

 First attempt at my black cat stamp using Wet & Wild Black Creme. I wasn't truly impressed with him.

 Here's my black cat on the other hand.

 Surprisingly, Zoya Dovima Matte Velvet is not good to stamp with!  It is way too sheer.  Hence why I ended up with my W&W polish.  Zoya Savita on the other hand... beautiful.

 And now I'll spam you with some different shots of this mani.

Happy Halloween!

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