Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blood and Guts - BHB Spooktober Mani Challenge: Day 10

I was so excited to use China Glaze's new Halloween collection, so I used them for my Blood and Guts inspired mani for BHBSpooktober Day 10!

Zombie inspired blood and guts mani

I started out with two coats of China Glaze Don't Let the Dead Bite, which seriously looks like pus and scabs.  Awesomely horrifying.

China Glaze Don't Let the Dead Bite two coats

China Glaze Don't Let the Dead Bite

I didn't take pics step by step, but I stamped using Cici&Sisi plates from their jumbo set 1.  I stamped with China Glaze But of Corpse and Wet & Wild Black Creme.

P.S. Stamping with matte polish that contains black matte microglitter is no bueno.  Actually quite a pain in the arse to clean up on your plates.  Just fyi.  ;-)

I was going for abstract Zombified blood and guts.  Hey, I tried.  Lol

I also put a coat of China Glaze Rest In Pieces on my pinky.  LOVE!!  <3

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