Saturday, October 25, 2014

Candy Corn Mani - BHB Spooktober Challenge: Day 17

Heads up.
This post is going to have a lot of pics.  =)

Day 17 was a Candy Corn inspired mani.  I was terribly uninspired by this prompt, only because I didn't want to go with tried and true, or unoriginal.  I like how these turned out, quirky as they seem.  More pics, including my inspiration, after the jump.  Click the "Read More" link below.

So I thought long and hard on this prompt.  I've seen so many other cool looking candy corn nails.  I'm just so unoriginal that I couldn't come up with anything good.  I was cooking the little's dinner, took a look at his dinner plate (thank you Nana for the Halloween plates!) and BAM.  Inspiration.  =D

Candy Corn men!! AAAAAnd, I could use my new Zoya Matte Velvet Harlow polish!!  Score!

I laid down my base of two coats Essie Sugar Daddy (I have so, so many in my untried "pile;" I really need to stop buying until I've at least used them all once...) and one coat of Zoya Harlow.  I put Sugar Daddy on since I wanted to do a somewhat "negative space" mani with a little bit of blush behind it.

I am truly in love with both of these polishes.  Essie Sugar Daddy is a pink jelly and Zoya Harlow is matte velvet.  Both formulas were like a dream

To recreate the purple background of the plate, I figured the saran wrap technique would work well.  I put a second thicker base of Harlow on, then quickly dripped some Zoya Odette and OPI My Vampire Is Buff on top, then smushed it around with a ball of saran wrap.

 Next up was free-handing the candy corns.  I.  Do.  Not.  Free-hand.  For.  A.  Reason.

I used all nail art polishes with striping brushes for these.  I could have taped off better lines, but I didn't have time to bother with tape.

 Next were the faces and then the spider webs.  I used a striping brush and Essie Licorice for the faces.  I stamped the spiderwebs using the Cici&Sisi plate and stamper.  I used Wet & Wild Black Creme for the stamping (black tar, remember?  lol).

 So, from afar, not terrible.  Take a glance and keep on moving, lol.

And a sunlight shot, just for shiggles.  Thanks for checking out my blog!

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