Friday, October 17, 2014

China Glaze Apocalypse of Color 2014 Halloween Collection

I got some exciting nail mail!!!  An awesome nail friend of mine bought this collection online and shipped all six polishes in the set to me!  Sorry, I have no real swatches, but I am planning to use them in my upcoming Halloween manis.  Here are bottle shots of the China Glaze 2014 Halloween collection:

L-R: Don't Let the Dead Bite, I Love Your Guts, But Of Corpse, Getting to Gnaw You, Rest in Pieces, Ghoulish Glow

China Glaze But of Corpse

But of Corpse is a great shimmery green with black microglitter that dries to a matte finish.

China Glaze Don't Let the Dead Bite

 Don't Let the Dead Bite has awesome glitter bomb containing large, medium, and small red hex glitter, red micro glitter, and some red bar glitter in a milky-whitish jelly base.  When layered, it looks like pus or flesh with blood in it.  OMG it's a fantastic Halloween polish!

China Glaze Getting to Gnaw You

Getting to Gnaw You is small copper glitter with microglitter in a black jelly base.  Gorgeous fall polish!

China Glaze I Love Your Guts

I Love Your Guts is similar to But of Corpse, but it's a red base.  It also dries to a matte finish.

China Glaze Rest in Pieces

And my favorite so far in this collection, Rest in Pieces.  This glitter bomb has it all!  Holo glitter, microglitter, matte black hex glitter, bar glitter, etc etc etc.  all in a clear base.  Other than the fact that my bottle is goopy (there's also polish on the neck, so I bet it hasn't been properly closed for a while... thinking I need to add some thinner to this), I am so excited to use this, like, all the time.  

China Glaze Rest in Pieces
Look at that holo!  *wolf whistle*  Blurry pic to show the beauty.

Hopefully I'll have some pics of the actual polish on my nails soon!  What's your favorite in this collection?

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