Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CICI&SISI Plates Set 1

WOOOOOOOOO!!!!  Nail Mail!!!

Quick and short post for you regarding stamping plates.  Since I broke up with my Bundle Monster plates ("BM" plates for a reason...), I needed some new stamping love in my life.  And boy did I find it!  I also purchased Butter London Scouse, which was an Amazon add-on item for $3 (!!) at the time.

CICI&SISI Stamping Plates and Butter London Scouse

I ordered the CICI&SISI Set 1 stamping plates (image from Amazon shown below)!  They came with a metal scraper (just throw that shit away, it's useless) and a little squishy firm stamper.  Well worth the $30 I spent on them!

CICI&SISI Plates Set 1 - Image pulled from Amazon

I was skeptical at first at how small the stamper was.  I thought for sure it wouldn't fit my nail.  I was surprised that it fits all but my thumb.  I lightly primed it with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  I have yet to try my XL squishy stamper on these plates, but I'm certain it will work well.  The only thing I'm concerned about is picking up the large images in the two center rows without picking up pieces of surrounding images.  Meh, practice makes perfect, right?

Anyway, my neighbor was actually over that night hanging out with my other half, and he had a really rough day.  A good friend of his passed away from cancer (fuck you, cancer...) and he was pretty torn up about it.  Grief mixed with alcohol is not a good thing.  Grief mixed with polish and nail art?  Good for the soul, I tell ya.

He asked me to paint four of his nails black and stamp over them.  So I did.  ;-)

Oh yeah, they glowed in the dark too....  Muahahahaha.

So I'll play around a little more with my CICI&SISI plates and share my results!  Have a great day!

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