Saturday, October 25, 2014

Color Club The Uptown with lace accent

I dipped into my untried polishes for this mani.  I wanted to take a quick Halloween mani breather before delving into my next one.  More pics and info after the jump, just click the "Read More" link below!

I bought the Color Club Uptown collection as a set a while ago, so this is the original flakies version of The Uptown. I really like flakies, especially when they catch the light.

So I used two coats of Color Club The Uptown and two coats of Zoya Sooki.  I could have used three coats of The Uptown for full opacity as I still see VNL.  Doesn't bother me though.

 Look at those flakies!!


 Different lighting.

 I used my Cici&Sisi plates for the lace stamp.  I really, truly like this set.  And the stamper is pretty darn good too.  I stamped with my Wet & Wild Black Creme polish, which at this point is my best black because it is so goopy it is basically black tar on my plate and picks up fully and opaque.


And here is my Cinderella hand, since sometimes I like to match.

Overall I thought this mani had a pretty sexy vibe.  Hey, I like it.

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