Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey Mani

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I started out wanting to do a water marble turkey using various colors, but ran out of time (time is just so hard to come by precious with a 2-year-old!)  ;-)

So I found a stamp that would work, and yet the finished product turned out completely different than what I had in mind.  *shrug*  I am loving the cranberry and gold though!  More pics and info after the jump, just click the Read More link down below!

Thanksgiving themed mani

I had a hard time picking "Thanksgiving themed" colors because I really don't have a good brown polish.  I think I need to hit up an Ulta sale when the Zoya Naturel Deux polishes go on clearance...  ;-)  Namely Zoya Chanelle and possibly Zoya Emilia.  Zoya Codie (one of the freebies I got with a large Zoya order) is just a tad darker than I'm looking for.

L-R: OPI Nail Envy, Sinful Colors Nirvana, Butter London Pimms, Zoya Posh,
SH Insta-Dri Poppin' Paprika, OPI L.A.M.B, Zoya Blaze, Seche Vite

Anyway, here's my lineup of polishes used in my mani.  The base is OPI Love Angel Music Baby which is a gorgeous sparkly gold polish with a satin finish.  It's lovely when it dries, and still lovely when topcoated, which you'll see in my next two pics.

ONE COAT!  OPI Love Angel Music Baby over one coat OPI Nail Envy, no topcoat

OPI Love Angel Music Baby, two coats and one coat Seche Vite

So of course, out comes my trusty set 1 of Cici&Sisi plates for my turkey feathers.  I had an idea to color each row of "feathers" differently so they look like turkey feathers.

Cici&Sisi jumbo set 1 stamping plate 03

The idea and the execution did not quite mesh well, especially since I didn't have the right brown and SC Nirvana stamps like shit, as evidenced on my ring finger in the picture below.  I also didn't get a good arc when I laid the polish in the plate and ended up more with a rainbow effect than rows of colored turkey feathers...  Meh.

Glam My Mani skinny chevron nail vinyls

Yeah, so... nail vinyls!  I gave my skinny chevron nail vinyls a go.  They are from Glam My Mani, which I will link at the bottom of the post.  Honestly, they are worth every penny.  They are easily placed using tweezers, they stick to your nail completely without pulling at your base polish, and they are so easily removed.  I can't say enough good things about these vinyls!  No bleeding, no color transfer, they melt if you don't remove them quickly enough, but if you work relatively fast there are no problems.

Glam My Mani skinny chevron nail vinyls

I used Zoya Blaze with the skinny chevron nail vinyls over OPI L.A.M.B.  I laid it on thick so the full color of Blaze showed over L.A.M.B.  It's a stunning combo in my opinion.

Thanksgiving themed mani, topped with Seche Vite

So for shiggles, I stamped a cooked turkey on my thumb.  Yeah, this turkey's well done.  ;-)

DING! Turkey's done!

Products used in post:
Nail Vinyls from Glam My Mani
Jumbo Set 1 Stamping Plates from Cici&Sisi (Amazon) or ciciandsisi.com


Did you know my beloved Eagles are playing Dallas this year on Thanksgiving Day?  Yep, I'll be wearing green for Thanksgiving!  Sorry family!  :-p


  1. I really like this! If you hadn't mentioned that the stamping for the turkey feathers didn't come out how you wanted I wouldn't have ever guessed there was anything wrong with it. I thought it was a gradient.



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