Monday, December 15, 2014

KBShimmer Shade Shifter Ornament Mani

Oh.... my.... goodness.  I am blown away by this polish.

If you have no indies in your nail polish collection, please go give a look at KBShimmer's site (link here) and BUYALLTHEINDIES!!!11!1!

Seriously, I don't know how she does it.... Christy from KBShimmer makes a stellar product and her processing time is sooooo quick!  Even now, around the busiest time of year!  Just my experience with this polish you'll see in this post, based on this one time, I went back and ordered a bunch more. 

Anyway, many more pics and info after the jump!  Click the Read More link down below.

KBShimmer Mani

(I really need to start cropping before I load pics here... sorry about that.)

Okay, so these are officially my first indies.  I KNOW!!  How does that happen?!?  Well, I can assure you my money will now be spent more towards indies and less on drugstore/salon brand polishes.
Support Indie Brands!

One coat of KBShimmer Shade Shifter over one coat of Zoya Remy

Anyway, I used my Zoya Remy polish as a base for this mani.  I really wasn't sure how many coats of KBShimmer Shade Shifter I would need, and it says on her site that it's best layered or over black or dark polish.  I figured Zoya Remy was dark enough.  As you can see above and below, I put one coat Shade Shifter over my one coat Zoya Remy and that's when the magic happened.

KBShimmer Shade Shifter and Zoya Remy

Oh.  My.  Gawd.  I can't even.

KBShimmer Shade Shifter in artificial light

Look at this shift!!!

KBShimmer Shade Shifter blurple shift


KBShimmer Shade Shifter teal and pink shift

Teal blue, dark blue, pink, dark purple, and amber.  All rolled into one glorious polish.  I added another coat of KBShimmer Shade Shifter just for good measure.  The formula was so easy to work with.  Went where it was supposed to, cleaned up easy where it wasn't supposed to be.

KBShimmer Shade Shifter blue shift

KBShimmer Shade Shifter purple shift

I almost decided not to stamp over this amazing-ness.  So I settled for just two stamped fingers on each hand.

Cici&Sisi stamping plate 04

Reached for my trusty Cici&Sisi plates, this time using plate 04 again.  I thought the string stamps looked like ornaments for a tree.

KBShimmer Shade Shifter topped with KBShimmer Clearly On Top

I stamped my ring finger with Essie No Place Like Chrome and my middle finger with Essie Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo.

KBShimmer Shade Shifter

There you have it.  Wait wait... here's some pink shift for you.

Aaaaaaaaaand some blue and purple.  I LOVE THIS POLISH!!!!

Have you ever spent an entire weekend just staring at your nails?  No, just me?  Nah, come on, be honest with yourself.  *cheesy smile*  That's how I seriously spent my entire weekend, gazing at the shift this polish gave.  Oh, hey, this mani was topcoated with KBShimmer's Clearly On Top quick dry topcoat, which can be purchased on her site as well.


  1. OMG stop it! My wallet is about to weep. I'll have to put this on my list to buy after Christmas.

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