Monday, December 15, 2014

Misc. Post - Epic Nail Mail/Haul

I'm going to roll this all into one post.  Even though I really want to make about ten posts about it.  Just for shiggles.  ;-)

Click the Read More link below for all my pics and info!

Click the Read More link for epic nail mail!

I was involved in a Secret Santa nail swap and oh my goodness, did my swap partner outdo herself!  Here is a pic of all the goody-goodiness she sent me!

Again, I'm sorry for the uncropped shot, I'm working on that.  By the way, you should check out @prettypinkypolish on IG, she's got some fab manis to share with you!

So Kati sent me: OPI Don't Speak 18k gold topper, Cuccio Naturalé butter blend lotion and cuticle butter stick, LeChat striping polishes in white, silver, and black, Morgan Taylor Best Dressed, Model City Wear With Caution 2.0, Smitten Polish Udora's Harvest, Doctor Lacquer Bosom of the Sea and Apollo (multichrome flakies!!), and five stamping plates!

I realize that pic above is a terrible picture and does not do the polish justice, but I was just so excited to get the package and take pics that this is what I ended up with.  Meh.  Lol  I'm still so excited to use everything!!

These are the stamping plates Kati sent me.  They look like MoYou London knock-off plates, which I hear stamp very well.  I will be using them in the new year since I have several Christmas manis to get through first.  But I am really excited to use these!  I'll review them once I do.  I'll also post swatches of the polishes as I use them.

So I've been a bad girl.  I placed a few orders for polish as I saw the deals start coming through.  Some of these are for DH to give to me for Christmas (he wouldn't know where to start if he were shopping by himself!).  ;-)

So up first we have Bear Pawlish polishes.  L-R they are Haloki, No Good Can't Hear You, and Ultra Violet.

Bear Pawlish Nail Mail!!

I thought Haloki was more black than purple, but I guess the color looks different on the computer than it does in real life.  That's okay, because I can't wait to use these all too!  Although I remember now, it's a duo-chrome holo!!  It's a good thing I'll be wearing gloves during winter, because I won't be able to keep my eyes off my nails while driving!

I used the flash on the pic below to show some more depth of color, but the two end polishes are linear holos, and the middle one is a duochrome.

Bear Pawlish polishes with flash

Next, my ILNP flakies!!!!!!!!!

I'll tell you what, waiting for all this nail mail was hard.  HARD I tell ya!  Let's just say ILNP had some troubles with getting the polishes in our hands, but through their hard work and long days, the polishes finally arrived!

ILNP Nail Mail!!

Again, after Christmas, SWATCH CITY over here.  Also, I need to do these gorgeous polishes justice, since my crappy pictures here don't.  :-p

ILNP Flakies!!

And finally, my nail mail from KBShimmer!!  After ordering from Christy for my Secret Santa's gift, I knew I had to get them for myself too...  *blush*  Eep.  Whoops.

So below, L-R are: Snow Way!, Green Hex & Glam, Holly Back Girl, Snow Flaking Way, Leaf of Faith, and Deja Brew.  Not pictured are the Clearly On Top quick dry topcoat and peppermint sugar scrub.

KBShimmer Nail Mail

Oh, and just a quick pic of the nail mail I sent to my Secret Santa partner, @ineedamani on IG.  You should also check out her IG page and her blog because she is one talented mofo!  Anyway, I was more excited for Carmie to get her package!!  And you can see why I felt the need to order my own KBShimmer polishes after getting these in, wow!

I also stopped at Sally's Beauty Supply for some American Classics Yellow Stopper that I have heard many swatchers use (they also make Gelous topcoat).  It's great for a mani you don't plan to keep on for more than a day or two.  Also, when swatching, instead of using remover you can peel your polish off without damaging your natural nail when this is used as a base coat.  I will be trying this myself to see just how good it is and I'll be sure to give you my take on it.

American Classics Yellow Stopper

Do any of you have experience with any of the polishes in this post?  If so, please share!


  1. Yes I do have experience with some of the polishes in your post! Because a very awesome lady sent some to me.
    Have I told you how wonderful you are? I'll tell you again! You're wonderfully amazing!
    I cannot wait to see all your swatches!

    1. Yes you do!!!! Seriously, you are so welcome, you are such a fantastic friend and all around awesome person!!!!!!!!!! Hugs and kisses!

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