Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Zoya Christmas Mani

I'm so sorry.  I fail at keeping up with my blog.  *sobs*

Hoping to bang out three of these today, and a couple more soon.  I mean, it's just words and pictures, right?  The hard work is done!  Manis have been completed and removed!!  It should be easy to just put this stuff up!

Yeah, not so much when you can't blog from your phone.

So, here is my all-Zoya polishes Christmas mani!

Zoya Christmas Mani

I have been itching to use my Zoya Matte Velvets for a Christmas mani because those polishes are sooooo gorgeous.  I love them.  Since I was using a Pixie Dust too, I wanted to base coat this mani with Yellow Stopper so removal would be easier.

L-R: Yellow Stopper, Zoya Posh, Zoya Veruschka, Zoya Tomoko,
Zoya Maria Luisa, KBShimmer Clearly On Top topcoat

So I started with two coats of everything over one coat of Yellow Stopper.  That is Zoya Posh, Zoya Veruschka, and Zoya Tomoko.

Zoya Matte Velvets (Posh and Veruschka) and Pixie Dust (Tomoko)

I used my Glam My Mani Christmas nail vinyls for the Christmas tree on my middle finger.  

Glam My Mani Nail Vinyls, Christmas collection

First I top coated my nails with KBShimmer Clearly On Top quick dry topcoat.  Then I laid the outline on my middle nail and used Veruschka for the tree (it's the perfect Christmas green!).  While Veruschka was still wet, I pulled off the nail vinyl.

Then I decided my mani needed a little bling.  I put a coat of Zoya Maria Luisa gold flaky topper on my pinky finger and added Zoya Tomoko dots on my index fingers.  I bought some nail bling from Sally's Beauty Supply so I added a star to my middle finger.

I realized I should have put a star on my Christmas tree too, so then I added another coat of topcoat, put my star on my tree, then topped them with topcoat again.


So, what are your thoughts about the Zoya Pixie Dusts being discontinued?  Did you put a final order in for them?  Which one is your favorite Pixie Dust of all time?

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