Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fluff: More Nail Mail

Nail mail!!  I finally got my Bear Pawlishes in from the promo Tennessee ran at the beginning of January, and I dove in and ordered some new stampers from MoYou London too!

Nail Mail!! from Bear Pawlish and MoYou London

Tennessee, owner of the Bear Pawlish indie brand, ran a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo.  I've had several of her polishes on my wishlist so I certainly couldn't pass up such a great deal!  Her shop is currently closed, but once she works through everything from this promo she'll be back up and running.

Bear Pawlish indie brand polishes

As for MoYou London, they just recently released some new squishy stampers.  I currently own several stampers (Konad double sided firm, BPS double ended XL squishy, two Cici&Sisi squishy stampers from the jumbo sets) but I've been itching for a good marshmallow stamper for my collection.  From the reviews I've seen, the people that have purchased these stampers from MoYou London had some good things to say and they claimed they were both marshmallow squishy sticky stampers.

MoYou London stamping plates and squishy stampers

I found that while the rectangular squishy stamper is a marshmallow, sadly the double ended one is not.  It's still squishy, probably a little less so than my BPS one, but certainly not a marshmallow.  Never fear, I'll find a use for it!  Both stampers came with their own plastic scraper.  Woo hoo!!!

I've also had the Explorer plate 22 on my wishlist forever, since Debbie (@ladyandthe_stamp on IG) received one as a prize from MoYou London.  Since I was ordering stampers, I figured I may as well put this baby in my cart too.  I was not disappointed!!

MoYou London Explorer collection plate 22 and rectangular stamper and scraper

Now for my testing of the stampers.  I used an image from the Explorer plate and Sinful Colors Black On Black polish.  I first tested them unprimed, then I primed a little, then I primed some more until I got a good image.  I primed the stampers using a dry Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and lightly buffed in circular motions until the head was no longer shiny.

The first picture is my double ended stamper.  (Sorry, I can't directly link it right now because it is out of stock.  I'll edit my post once they are available again.)  The top box is where I used the larger end of the stamper, and the second box is the other slightly smaller end.  The smaller end stamped better than I expected unprimed, but once I primed it twice it was good to go.  The larger end took a little extra priming until it was perfect.

MoYou London Double Ended squishy stamper

This second picture is the rectangular squishy stamper.  This actually worked pretty well unprimed, but I thought it may be even better if I primed it a bit.  I stamped twice more after I primed it to make sure it wasn't a fluke.  I'm thoroughly impressed with this stamper and I think it moved to the top of my favorites list.

MoYou London Rectangular marshmallow stamper

Do you stamp?  What is your absolute favorite stamper to use?


  1. Bear pawlish is on my list of indies to try, been seeing a lot about them on blogs lately. I use a konad and winstonia stamper

    1. I've tripled my Bear Pawlish collection just recently... Her polishes are amazing!! I highly suggest them if you like holo/multichromes.



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