Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fluff Post

Hello!  I am a tad far behind in posting!  So I'm just going to include a couple things in this post.



My little tween neighbor came over so I could do her nails.  I showed her my collection and told her to pick which colors she wants and to let me know what kind of art she had in mind.  She went straight for my indies.  Girl has good taste!

She picked out ILNP Atlantis, and rather than do four coats on her teeny nails, I suggested ILNP Cygnus Loop as an undie.  She wanted zebra stripes, so I freehanded the stripes with Essie No Place Like Chrome.

Neighbor mani: ILNP Cygnus Loop topped with Atlantis

I also got some NAIL MAIL!!  Well, obviously, this was before I did my neighbor's nails and before I did my last mani, since both polishes are pictured below.  But more ILNP!!  So excited!  Can't wait to use them all!

L-R: ILNP Birefringence, Black Orchid, Mutagen, My Private Rainbow (L+S), and Atlantis



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