Sunday, February 1, 2015

Seahawks Mani for BHB NFL Challenge

Quick post today!  I've been wanting to try a ruffian mani and this one was pretty quick!  I have some work to do with my style, I'll just keep practicing.

I started with a base of OPI Nail Envy, and one coat of Color Club Williamsburg (blue) and two coats of Butter London Jaded Jack.  I know it's a bit more muted than the Seahawks colors, but since it's not my team (Go Eagles!!) I didn't really care much, lol.  Last entry for the BHB NFL playoff challenge!

Color Club Williamsburg and Butter London Jaded Jack

I just used the polish brushes, nothing extra, to swoop over my base polishes to create the ruffian mani.  I laid it on thick to cover the base polish.  Since this was too simple for me, I dotted it up a bit.

Ruffian Mani with Color Club Williamsburg and Butter London Jaded Jack

Quick dotticure for the win!  I'm not thrilled with it, but it will do for the Superbowl.

Dotticure with Seahawks' colors!

Thanks for checking out my blog!  I'm so glad you're here!


  1. I think this turned out really well :) I love a good ruffian nail. I think the colours you used work really well together too :) xx



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