Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Takko Lacquer Snow Bunny with MPolish Stamping

Another relatively quick post for you today.  Sorry I haven't been as active lately, blah blah personal stuff, blah blah it doesn't really matter because I have four manis to catch up on blogging about and these polishes are so beautiful!

MPolish Mother's Day Duo over Takko Lacquer Snow Bunny

Saturday, March 21, 2015

MPolish Mother's Day Duo

Quick post tonight!  I was having some serious glare issues with pics of this mani, but I hope you can still enjoy it!

In this mani I am featuring two new MPolishes from the Mother's Day Duo I wrote about in an earlier post.  The duo is referred to as Mama Loves Polish duo and can be found for sale on the MPolish website through Mother's Day 2015!

MPolish Annette and Sliver of Hope stamping polishes

Sunday, March 15, 2015

March BHB Mani Swap

Who is ready for Spring?  Well, I'm ready for summer, I've already pulled out the NEONS!!  Read on for my inspiration and how I put this mani together!

Fun Floral Mani

MPolish Mama Loves Polish Duo

I have a sneak peek for you today!

You have seen me post many manis lately using this awesome new stamping polish brand called MPolish.  I can't tell you enough how I not only adore this stamping polish, but the owner, Megan, is an amazing and fabulous woman too!  So what's in-store for you today?  No swatches yet (they'll be up very soon), but some pics of just how much love Megs puts into her packages.

MPolish Mother's Day Duo Sneak Peek

Monday, March 9, 2015

Doctor Lacquer Milky Way stamped with MPolish

If you follow me on IG (@dancers_polished_life) you already know that I've found my new favorite polish.  Oh, the stunner I have for you today!  Another thermal polish by Doctor Lacquer, this time from the SomethingSpatial: Galaxies collection, called Milky Way!  Hold onto your wallets, they will run from you screaming after this post!  ;-)

Doctor Lacquer Milk Way stamped with MPolish Snowberry and Black

Friday, March 6, 2015

Doctor Lacquer Betelgeuse stamped with MPolish

I have a new polish from Doctor Lacquer to show you today!  I preordered the Something Spatial: Stars collection, as well as two beauties from Something Spatial: Galaxies collection.  Both sets are thermals and so far they are breathtaking.  Read on for more pics and info!

Doctor Lacquer Betelgeuse stamped with MPolish

Monday, March 2, 2015

Pipe Dream Polish Neon Watermarble

I'm very excited to share this mani with you today!  I finally got my hands on a set of Pipe Dream Polish A Night In Vegas Cremes collection and they really are all they are chalked up to be.  Read on for more pics and info!

Watermarble with Pipe Dream Polish's ANIVC collection

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