Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Irish Weekend, Here We Come!

I have some free moments!!  Well, not really, I have many other things to tend to, including packing for a weekend away (seriously, how often do moms get to do that?!?)  What do I do?  My nails of course!  Read on for more pics and info!

Four-leaf Clover Mani using all indies!

Are you from around the East Coast of the US?  Perhaps you've heard of a little town in Jersey called Wildwood.  Living in PA, I grew up vacationing there with my family.  Well, that Irish-loving town loves to celebrate.  What better way to welcome Fall than with an Irish Festival?!?  Count me in!
Nothing to disclose

I'm pretty sure he's asking for a refill...
I'm finally getting a girls weekend away (woohoo!  but boohoo!  I'll miss my little superhero!), which will inevitably result in thoughts of regret and depression over how old I'll feel (really, anyone else love to celebrate with some libations, yet they don't return the favor?  I know I'm not the only one!) while trying to recover.  So since I'll likely be feeling green by the end of the weekend, why not start prepping with some green on my fingertips!  And what makes people feel better when they're down?  SPARKLESSSSSS and HOLOOOOO.  BRING ON THE SPARKLY IRISH MANI!

Macro brush shot of Cupcake Polish Leaf Me Alone

Macro brush shot of Starrily Ultima

I used two coats of both Cupcake Polish Leaf Me Alone and Starrily Ultima to achieve opaqueness.  Quite frankly, Leaf Me Alone is an amazing one coat wonder!  Both were very easy to apply to my nails without any patchiness or fuss.  And both are so blingy!  I topped everything with a coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top quick dry topcoat.

Cupcake Polish Leaf Me Alone and Starrily Ultima, both two coats with topcoat

Flash shot of Cupcake Polish Leaf Me Alone and Starrily Ultima, both two coats with topcoat

Macro of Starrily Ultima - taken in lightbox under Ottlite

But of course, I couldn't stop there.  STAMP ALL THE THINGS!!!  I pulled out my much loved MPolish for stamping, using Pekin and Get Lost, along with my Uber Chic Beauty plate 4-02.  The only thing I wish could have turned out better were the single clovers on my middle two fingers.  I kept scraping the polish out of the plate (whoops--but seriously, I can't even tell you how many stamps I threw away...) so the images came out a bit less opaque than I would have preferred.  No big.  Those shamrocks never stood a chance against the bling of Ultima!  I sealed everything in with another coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.  No funky textures here!

Irish Mani -- I'm ready to sham-ROCK!  ;-)

With flash

Macro of Cupcake Polish Leaf Me Alone stamped with MPolish Pekin

So what do you think, does this scream Irish-fun-loving-I'm-ready-to-paaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty to you?

I'm Ready To Party
(gif courtesy of reactiongifs.com)

You can find the products used in my mani at the following links!

Thanks for reading!  I love hearing from you!  Comment below with any feedback or questions!


  1. Love it! Super fun and sparkly, perfect for a get away weekend!

  2. These are awesome! Perfect for a weekend away. Hope you enjoy yourself an have fun!!

  3. Super fun mani for what sounds like a super fun weekend!

  4. I love it, the polishes and the nail art!

  5. Super sparkly and just beautiful ♡

  6. So much fun! Our town did an Irish thing last weekend as a "half-way to St. Patty's Day" celebration. haha

  7. Not Irish or from the east coast, but I love glitter and green polish, so of course I love it!

  8. OMG!!! This mani is sooo pretty. Love the color combos and designs. You really nailed it girl. Love it!!!!



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